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  1. More is More

    These stunning posters have been hand letterpressed by Douglas Wilson, making each one unique! A lovely two-colour letterpressed poster printed using red and blue ink on white paper. "Some say "Less Is More" but sometimes, that is just not the case." - Douglas Wilson. The…

    NOW £18.00 was £24.00 save £6.00

  2. Practice Makes Perfect

    'Practice Makes Perfect' This wonderful print has been perfectly letterpressed by Douglas Wilson after years of hard practice! We think the sentiment of this phrase is truly summed up here! This edition has been printed using ecru coloured cover weight 'Mod-Tone' paper. This is a…

    NOW £18.00 was £24.00 save £6.00

  3. All You Need is Love

    'All You Need is Love'. This lovely and very true phrase has been hand letterpressed by Douglas Wilson using burgundy ink on French 100 lb. pale blue "Sno Cone" cover-weight paper A perfect Valentines Day gift for that special someone!

    NOW £22.00 was £32.00 save £10.00

  4. Make Lemonade

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! A lovely upbeat phrase printed in true Douglas Wilson style! These posters have been hand letterpressed by Douglas Wilson using antique wooden type, making each one unique. Printed using green ink on French 100 lb. Pop-Tone "Lemon Drop"…

    NOW £22.00 was £32.00 save £10.00

  5. A Man Who Lives

    A beautiful limited edition two colour letterpress print from Chase and Wonder, based on a passage from Intellectual wit, Oscar Wilde. Printed in traditional letterpress fashion, on fine letterpress poster paper. Lovely green and brown inks have been used, with fade detailing. The green has been…

    NOW £24.00 was £32.00 save £8.00

  6. Get Your Hands Dirty

    'Get your hands dirty', a smashing letterpress print from Lesley and Pea. The letterpress design has been printed using wood type that has literally been inked by hand. Inking the type by hand has given a wonderful marbelled effect to the print, making each in the edition truly…

    NOW £25.00 was £40.00 save £15.00

  7. New Direction

    'Time for a new direction', a rather lovely letterpress print from asintended.  The design has been printed on original pages of the Harmsworth's New Atlas. The diversity of these Atlas pages and the letterpress printing method makes each print truly one of a kind. On the…

    NOW £28.00 was £35.00 save £7.00