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  1. Fork Q

    Fork Q... in the nicest possible way!  Victorian/Edwardian Sheffield Made Fork electroplate picture block (1880-1910), Set above a large cap Q ‘sort’ (individual letter of a fount or font). Printed on 270gsm off-white recycled flecked paper with Vansons Rubber Ink.  …

    Price: £35.00

  2. London

    Hand Printed using large and extremely rare ‘Chromatic Woodtype’. This shaded inline fount has been dated to 1877 thus far and is probably older still. The unique feature of this woodtype is the ability to create 3 colours from just two passings of the paper through the press. There…

    Price: £70.00

  3. No Ordinary Woman

    Russell found this lovely copper-topped Penny-Farthing Block from the same erra as the bicycle. Turns out the bicycles were known as 'ordinaries' after the safety-bicycle came along. Printed using a gold ink on the 2-colour wood type - possibly ATF (American Type Foundries - 1892-1993)…

    Price: £30.00

  4. Play More Bum Notes

    A motto for life from a keen mandolin player. Playing an instrument by ear gives you a life times supply of bumnotes. Hand-set and handprinted letterpress using Hamilton Wood Type and an early shaded-grot attributed to G. F. Nesbitt USA, circa 1840's - sourced from Pennsylvania. Printed on…

    Price: £25.00