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Last dates for Christmas delivery

Posted on 21st November 2013 by Hayley & Lucas

If you are thinking about giving your loved ones gifts from The Calm Gallery this Christmas (thank you!), please find our last recommended dates for receiving deliveries in time for Christmas.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Far East, Japan, Middle East, New Zealand and South America:

Order by 1pm GMT, 2nd of December

Canada, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, France, Greece and Poland:

Order by 1pm GMT, 6th of December

USA and Western Europe (excluding France, Greece and Poland):

Order by 1pm GMT, 9th of December

United Kingdom First Class Delivery:

Order by 1pm GMT, 18th of December

United Kingdom Next Working Day Special Delivery:

Order by 12pm GMT, 23rd of December

These are Royal Mail’s recommendation only and are not guaranteed by Royal Mail.

The above international dates apply to Royal Mail Airmail delivery. Courier services are available for expedited delivery, please contact us for more information about courier delivery.

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Mollie Makes Home

Posted on 4th October 2013 by Hayley & Lucas

We were excited this morning to receive our copy of the new Mollie Makes Home magazine in the post.

We were doubly excited as the lovely Caroline Taylor had asked if we would be happy for our home and office to be included in the issue. Of course we said yes!

Our favourite photographer Fanni Williams provided the images for the feature, and the office was tidied from top to bottom for her visit! We have since moved on from the house in the article, but we will always have Fanni's wonderful photos to remember it by.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to answer Caroline's questions about our business and homelife. 

The magazine is beautifully put together and filled with gorgeous homes and workspaces, not to mention some super sweet craft projects. We are so happy and flattered to have been included alongside such beautiful spaces. Thanks so much again Caroline and Mollie Makes Home!

The issue went on sale in September so be sure to pick up a copy soon!

xo H&L

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Rubens Rounding Third

Posted on 3rd October 2013 by Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose, an American artist based in Paris, tells us a little about baseball, its affect on his childhood and the artwork he produces.

The Autumn Classic is the culmination of America’s national pastime – The World Series takes place every October and brings together the best players on the best teams from across the United States and Canada.  The bat and ball game can seem a bit silly.  A man dressed in a colorful uniform with a team name sewn into his shirt – names after birds (Cardinals), thieves (Pirates), fairy tales creatures (Giants) and even heavenly creatures (Angels)– with each team representing a city from Seattle to Miami and those in between: Kansas City, Atlanta, Cincinnati among others. 

The World Series is a best-of-seven game contest of inches played out over what could be hours of not very much happening.  But when it does, watch out.

As a boy growing up in New York, I played baseball every day.  With my friends Mark and Geoff and Kenny and the girls Beth and Lori and Jamie, we’d mimic the big leagues self-hitting the ball across streets and yards while members of the other team would chase the ball down (sometimes in hedges, under cars or even fighting dogs for it!).  Meanwhile we would speed around the bases – squares drawn on the asphalt.  It was a childhood love affair that continues today.
In 2008 I produced a collage work that combined a baseball player in full flight, rounding third base on his way home; however he takes a glance back to see a half-naked woman – his second wife Helene Fourment, wearing nothing but a swath of fur.  The work was an instant hit and sold to a collector in Atlanta.  Some months later, Chicago-based artist-stamp genius Michael Hernandez de Luna, wrote me about a contest on the theme of baseball for the Philatelic Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico: Send them a stamp sheet.  I quickly turned Rubens Rounding Third into a stamp sheet and produced a signed and limited edition of the the work.  The piece was awarded first prize ($5000) in their world wide competition for 'Baseball Philately + The Art Inspired by Philately'. 

Rubens Rounding Third is already a hit with baseball fans across the US and even in the cricket-crazy UK. The stamp sheet is printed on gummed and perforated paper; each is signed and numbered (limited edition of 1000).  

Rubens Rounding Third is an unusual art work celebrating a great game in a titillating fashion. A perfect gift for your baseball mad friends or relatives in America and beyond. 

To take a look at the print and Matthew's other work in more detail just click here.

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Making-room-for-lovely-new-things SALE!

Posted on 19th September 2013 by Hayley & Lucas

The Calm Gallery's making-room-for-lovely-new-things sale is now on! 20% off many lovely prints and tea towels. Take a peek at our sale section here.


xo H&L

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New screen prints and linocut prints

Posted on 19th September 2013 by Hayley & Lucas

Happy Thursday everyone! We have just added three fantastic new prints at The Calm Gallery. 

First up today is a brand new print from the two of us (The Lepolas). 'Imagination' is a hand illustrated design, inspired by a quote from the great Albert Einstein. The perfect reminder to let go of logic and allow your imagination to run wild!

We are also really pleased to share to fantastic new prints from print maker James Brown. C'est bon ici, 'It's Good Here' is a handsome linocut print, printed in a limited edition of 200 signed and numbered prints. The perfect finishing touch to your favourite corner of your favourite room. 

'Voodoo' is a brilliant and bold screen print from James, bearing the quote from the 1974 western comedy Blazing Saddles.

We hope you like our latest additions! To take a look at everything that is new just click here.

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