Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by and for thinking of The Calm Gallery for gifts this Christmas. 

If you're looking for the perfect print for your favourite person, or even just a little treat for yourself, then take a look at part two of our holiday gift guide below. Scroll down a little further for part one!

All the best, H&L xo

For the big and little kids

The sky is the limit by Laura Seaby (£45) Welcome to the world by Laura Seaby (£28) Russian doll by Hazel Nicholls (£47.50) Smile by The Lepolas (£30) 

Something lovely

My sunshine by The Lepolas (£14) You complete me by Hazel Nicholls (£45) You look lovely by The Lepolas (£14) Union by James Brown (£52) All you need is love by Helen Lang (£30) I've fallen for you by Hazel Nicholls (£40)

For explorers

La mer by Double Merrick (£50) Bags by James Brown (£35) Make your own path by Douglas Wilson (£32) Get lost by Douglas Wilson (£32) Viking by James Brown (£32) Planets by Double Merrick (£40)

Something special for yourself perhaps?

Tutti Frutti by Hand & Eye (£50) Sophisticated stag by Chase and Wonder (£60) Turn left by asintended (£40) Magic by James Brown (£40) Triangles by Alyson Fox (£45)