Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by and for thinking of The Calm Gallery for gifts this Christmas. 

If you're looking for the perfect print for your favourite person, or even just a little treat for yourself, then take a look at part one of our holiday gift guide below. Stay tuned for part two!

All the best, H&L xo

For animal lovers, nuts for cats, dogs and all of our feathered friends!

Sophisticated cat by Chase and Wonder (£60) Chat by Double Merrick (£30) Sophisticated dog by Chase and Wonder (£60) Animalphabet by Helen Lang (£60) Bird Heart 2 by Amy Ross (£50) Dog A-Z by Helen Lang (£60)

For foodies and their families

Time to shake up by Laura Seaby (£28) Make lemonade by Douglas Wilson (£32) You're a good egg by Laura Seaby (£25) Cheese and wine is fine by Lene Bladbjerg (£32) Grow your greens by Matthew Green (£50)

Something inspiring!

Imagination by The Lepolas (£20) Think big by The Lepolas (£16) Make the most of it by The Lepolas (£16) New direction by asintended (£35) Type rules by asintended (£25)

Something special for yourself perhaps?

La lune by Double Merrick (£50) London by Dominic Clifford (£50) Woody Guthrie's rulin's by The Wooden Truth (£25) The voice of all the gods by Seb Lester (£75) Pointers by James Brown (£35)