Hello everyone, we hope you have had a lovely weekend! We are pleased to kick start the week with the arrival of some fantastic new prints and organic cotton tea towels!

First up is a brand new print from Lesley and Pea.

O Happy Day is a two colour letterpress print based on an original linocut design, printed in beautiful blue and bold orange. A really cheery print, enough to brighten any room!

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Next are three colourful new editions from Hazel Nicholls.

It's What's Inside That Counts a truly lovely phrase printed inside a beautiful Russian doll! These gorgeous prints have been lovingly hand printed by the artist, available in red, turquoise and blue limited editions.

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Finally today we have three new organic cotton tea towels from the two of us (Lucas & Hayley), each inspired by letterpress printing, created using high resolution scans of wooden letterpress type impressions.

The three fun new tea towels promote merriment, healthy eating and kick starting your morning with a steaming beverage!

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