It's August! How did that happen? We hope July treated you well.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of five handsome new prints and one spiffing new tea towel to The Calm Gallery!

'Clouds' is a handsome screenprint designed to show Luke Howard's Cloud Classification System. From Cirrus to Cumulonimbus, and everything in between!

'London' is a fantastic new print from James designed to show London's postal districts, from NW1 to SE28 and every lovely postcode in between!

And finally 'Pointers', a striking lino print which will point you in the right direction.

Up next is a rather nice new version of our 'Smile' print. Metallic silver foil blocking applied to heavy pale grey paper. The type has also been debossed, so it is slightly sunken into the paper. A rather nice reminder to smile!

Also new today is 'Type Rules' from asintended. asintended worked with Adams of Rye, a fantastic letterpress printers to produce this print. Each print has been signed and dated by the artist.

And last, but definitely not least, is this lovely new tea towel from Hazel Nicholls. This gorgeous design has been screen printed in midnight blue ink onto a natural cotton tea towel. The perfect treat for your shining star!

We hope you like all of our latest releases! Have a fantastic day and weekend ahead.

All the best,

Hayley & Lucas