Keep Calm Gallery is pleased to introduce the Garden Organic 'Grow Your Greens' collection of prints!

The collection launches with three fantastic limited edition screen prints, each inspired by the 'grow your greens' message. Garden Organic is the UK's leading organic growing charity dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food. The charity believes that active involvement in food production, at whatever scale, is vital in terms of reconnecting people with the food they eat.

For over 50 years Garden Organic has been committed to helping people grow their own organic food at whatever scale they can, believing that organic is best for both people and the planet. 

Grow Your Greens by Lucy McLauchlan

garden organic 

The collection launches with three limited edition prints from Matthew Green, Lucy McLauchlan and Hayley Thwaites and Lucas Lepola (of Keep Calm Gallery). Each 'Grow Your Greens' edition has been screen printed by hand on recycled paper using inks which are kinder to the environment. Each print has been produced in a limited edition of 100 and has been signed and numbered by the artist.

Grow Your Greens by Matthew Green

garden organic 

The collection of prints has been put together as a unique means of promoting the charity's message of growing your own food organically and raising funds to help Garden Organic continue with their fantastic work. From each print sale 35% of profits will go to the charity.

 Grow Your Greens by Lucas Lepola and Hayley Thwaites

garden organic

 “The grow your own revolution has really kicked off this year, and we’re seeing its influence everywhere from the supermarket to the garden centre. What’s great about the Keep Calm Gallery’s collection is that it takes the ‘grow your greens’ message to a whole new audience where perhaps our normal charitable activities don’t reach. This is exactly the type of collaboration and support that Garden Organic seeks and I really hope that the collection proves to be a success so that we are able to continue getting people growing.”

Myles Bremner, Garden Organic’s Chief Executive.

For more information on the Garden Organic collection, and to see the prints in more detail click here.

For more information on Garden Organic please visit the charity's website by clicking here