We're really happy to announce the arrival of Chase and Wonder at Keep Calm Gallery. Chase and Wonder are a brand new design partnership, consisting of David Aspinall and Faye Pearce. In October 2010 they left their design jobs in London and Philadelphia to be together once more and to follow their dream. They are based in a converted cow shed in rural England, where they create and produce all manner of wonderment.

Chase and Wonder join us with three stunning limited edition screen prints.

'A Gentleman's A-Z' is a very fine print of all things gentlemanly. From Automobile to Zamburak, there are 26 detailed illustrations of things that any gentleman should have surrounding him.

'A Lady's A-Z' is a beautiful print of all things ladylike. This print consists of 26 detailed illustrations from Atomiser to Zinfandel that every lady should be familiar with.

Chase and Wonder's 'Ride above it' is an absolutely beautiful screen print that reminds us that it is best to ride above all of the strains of modern life. It is much more fun up in the clouds!

Each of these stunning screen prints has been signed and numbered in a limited edition of 200 prints.

Click here to view the prints.